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CPU time is the time spent by the server's processor to process a task/program.

According to Clause 7 of the rules for providing services within the framework of virtual hosting, 2 cores and 2 GB of RAM are allocated to each hosting account in the system. The percentage of CPU load includes the total consumption of processor time from allocated cores. If the daily indicator is 8%, it means that in 24 hours, the account consumed a total of 8% of the total capacity of the allocated cores on the server.

Restrictions on the use of processor time for tariff plans (daily limit):

Apartment - 5%;

Apartment + - 8%;

Loft - 12%;

Penthouse - 15%;

Unlim Lite - 5%;

Unlim Optimal - 10%

Business Unlim - 15%;

Max Unlim - 20%;

Premium Unlim - 50%;

CPU load is considered for the entire hosting account for all processes on it. You can determine which site or script creates the load using the control panel tools (Hosting 2.0 - Management - Resources - Requests), as well as server logs located on FTP in the logs folder.

The number of sites and their attendance is not the main reason for the increased load on the server, but depends directly on the quality of the written scripts.

Notification of overload:

  • messages are sent to customers who have consumed more than 20% of the total load of the allocated account in the course of 5 days;

  • sites are blocked if the client has exceeded 20% of the total load of the allocated account according to the tariff during the previous 72 hours and "does not fit" into any tariff plan. At the moment, the maximum tariff is Premium Unlim (50% CPU);

  • the change of the tariff plan occurs if the client has more than 20% of the total load of the allocated account during the previous 72 hours at the cheapest tariff that accommodates his load.

IMPORTANT: the new tariff is calculated taking into account +20% for stock. The transfer of funds is carried out without surcharges with a reduction in the validity period of the service. If the hosting end date is <5 days, the date does not change, the hosting simply changes the tariff.

Load reduction:

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