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Hiding ID SHIELD domain owner data

In order to hide data about the domain owner in the international domain zone, you need:
1. Go to the control panel -
2. Go to the "Domains" tab and click "Domain Management"
3. Select "Domain Management" again and select the "Hide ID Shield data" section, and you will see the cost required to order this service.

4. If there are not enough funds on the balance, then when you go to a new page, you will be prompted to top up the balance:



5. After the payment is credited to the balance of your account, repeat the order procedure according to p. 1-3.


Pay attention!


The ID SHIELD service exists only for international domains (com, net, biz, etc.). As for Ukrainian domains (,,, etc.), here the data is usually hidden by default, and there is no separate hiding service.


The cost of the service will be added to the basic annual cost of domain renewal


The service is connected for the entire term of the domain in years. For example, if the domain is extended for 2 years, the cost of connecting the service will be double the basic cost.

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