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Mirror domain zones

Some Ukrainian domain zones work as mirrors. This means that registering a name in one of these zones, the same name is reserved for the owner only in the mirror zone.


For example, having registered the domain example, the owner can register a similar name in the zone . At first glance, the difference is not noticeable, but in the first case, the Russian-language version of the domain zone is used, in fact Kiev ? Kyiv, and in the second Ukrainian-language version, Kyiv ? Kyiv.


Also, sometimes the mirror zone is shorter and more convenient to use, as, for example, in the example domain, where example will be the mirror.


List* of mirror domain zones******

* — The list is approximate, since only upon registration the registry can inform about the domain zone belonging to the mirror

** — By registering a domain in this domain zone, you additionally receive two mirror options for free. Mirrors will point to the same NS servers as the main domain, so to use mirrors just add them to the DNS section and point them to the hosting.


How to register a mirror domain


To register a mirror domain, go to the Domains section of your control panel, or use this link .


Pay attention! It is possible to register a mirror domain only at the registrar with which its main version is registered. If your domain is maintained by a third-party registrar, and you want to register a mirror domain with our company, first of all, you need to transfer the main version of the domain for service to us, and after the transfer is completed, register the mirror domain. Read more »


Opposite the domain that supports the possibility of registering its mirror version, the corresponding button highlighted in the screenshot will be displayed



By clicking the button, the system will prompt you to choose a mirror domain and display the cost of its registration.



After domain registration, its mirror version will be added to the general list of domains in the Domains and DNS section, where you can fully manage it.


Features of the mirror domain


A mirror domain can work in one of two modes:


— As the main domain — pointing to the same site, for this you need to configure it as a pseudonym (alias) to the site according to the instructions .


— As a separate site — the mirror domain will point to a completely different site that differs from the main version, for this you need to create a new site on the hosting according to the instructions .


If you need additional information or help setting up a mirror domain, please leave a request to technical support through your personal account at the link .

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