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Receiving a free domain or its transfer when ordering hosting.

When ordering hosting at Cityhost for a period of 12 months or more, the client has the opportunity for free:

  1. Register a new domain

  2. Transfer to Cityhost a domain registered with another registrar with an extension for 1 year, if the extension is provided by the rules of the domain zone.

Depending on the selected tariff, the maximum amount for domain registration or transfer changes, for example:

Apartment – a domain worth up to UAH 250.

Apartment+ – a domain worth up to UAH 350.

Loft – a domain worth up to UAH 450.

Penthouse – a domain worth up to UAH 450.

Tariffs of the Unlim line:

• Unlim Lite — a domain worth up to UAH 300.

• Unlim Optimal — a domain worth up to UAH 300.

• Max Unlim — a domain worth up to UAH 1,000.

• Premium Unlim — a domain worth up to UAH 1,000.

When ordering hosting, the system will prompt you to enter a domain for verification. If this domain is free, you can register it for free for 1 year, provided that its cost is less than or equal to the hosting tariff (from 250 to 1000 UAH).

If the domain is busy, the system will offer to transfer it to Cityhost. Domain transfer requires the client to provide a secret domain code. You can get it from the current registrar. Understanding that many do not have a code at the time of ordering hosting, we have provided the following procedure:

  1. You tick "move domain"

  2. You complete the order and pay for the guest house

  3. You will receive an instruction letter about domain transfer

  4. You receive a transfer code from the current registrar .

  5. Send the code to us in response to the received letter .

As soon as we receive the domain secret code, we will apply for a transfer to the current registrar. Usually, such applications are processed within 5-10 days, after which the domain is transferred to Cityhost service.

Most domain names are automatically renewed upon transfer. This means that after the end of the transfer procedure, your domain will be extended for 1 year free of charge. Please note that renewal is carried out 1 year ahead of the current domain expiration date. For example, if your domain was registered until 08/20/2020, after its transfer, it will be extended until 08/20/2021.

In the event that the rules of the domain zone do not provide for extension upon transfer, such domain will not be extended. After the transfer, its end date will remain the same. At the same time, the new domain registrar will be the Cityhost company, and you will be able to manage the domain name in the panel. Further extension of the name and payment for this service will be carried out in our company.

Reimbursement or other use of funds provided for domain registration or transfer is not provided.

Conditions for obtaining a free domain:

• After purchasing a new hosting, an application for domain registration (transfer) is accepted within 14 days.

• All applications are considered during business hours from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

• The domain is registered using the data specified by the client during registration.

You need to make a choice — a discount promo code or free domain registration/transfer. Promotions are not cumulative and cannot be used at the same time.

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