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Do you have a VDS/DS administration service?

When purchasing a VDS and DS server, we are not responsible for its administration and provide only basic technical support — the initial installation of the server and the main software. We always try to meet the client, but we do not provide administration services for free, as they are not included in the server rental price. You can administer the server yourself with root access, which allows you to configure and customize the server depending on your needs, or you can turn to us for paid administration to solve both full-time and freelance tasks. To submit a request, you need to create a written request to technical support from the control panel, in which you specify what work needs to be done and provide root access to the server (password from the root user, ssh port, if it has been changed).


Yes, we provide additional administration services for hosting on virtual and dedicated servers, and also provide assistance to owners of virtual hosting. With the help of our technical support, you will be able to solve various technical issues — install and configure software, conduct diagnostics, change settings, and much more. Many functions are already automated and available to you in the control panel, at the same time you can contact us for paid administration.


Cost of hourly administration

The cost of administration depends on the time required to solve the technical task and its complexity.


During working hours (Mon-Fri from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.)


VDS/DS for 1 hour of work - 560 UAH.

Shared hosting for 1 hour of work - 280 UAH.


During non-working hours:


• VDS/DS for 1 hour of work - 730 UAH.

• Virtual hosting for 1 hour of work - 360 UAH.


The minimum order for the administration service is 30 minutes.


Applications for the administration service are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. If you want to receive an administration service urgently, we can take your application out of the queue. This service involves a one-time additional payment for urgency in the amount of UAH 300.

For a superficial analysis of errors that have arisen in working with the server, we can conduct a 15-minute diagnosis on a free basis.


Hourly administration service

We will help you solve one-off tasks, including in case of unforeseen situations.


Virtual and dedicated servers

• transfer of sites
• resetting the password from the site admin
• password reset for root access to the server
• password reset for root access to MySQL
• SSL certificate installation
• installation of an additional version of PHP
• identifying the reasons for sending spam
• removal of IP from blacklists
• connecting the custom .iso disk image to the server
• firewall setting
• backup configuration on the server
• fail2ban hacking protection setting (protection against SSH, FTP, POP3, IMAP, SMTP password selection)
• setting up an automatic check for the presence of malicious scripts and software
• updating the system-wide software from official repositories to the latest versions,
• recovery of a deleted account
• and other services according to the agreed technical task of the client


Virtual hosting

• transfer of sites
• resetting the password from the site admin
• recovery of a deleted account
• site domain change
• setting up mail clients (via TeamViewer)
• database import
• and other services according to the agreed technical task of the client


Server monitoring service

We will carry out round-the-clock monitoring of the server's performance and the load on its physical resources. If the load increases or something goes wrong, we will notify you about it by e-mail, SMS or a call to the contact phone number, so that you can take appropriate actions to eliminate the problem in advance. Monitoring includes the following items:


• degree of wear and tear of HDD/SSD disks
• array RAID status
• load on the server's physical resources: disk operations, network, processor, RAM
• disk fullness
• other indicators at the request of the client


The cost of monitoring is UAH 200/month.


Server administration service

You do not have to hire a full-time employee to maintain a VDS or DS server. Order the service of advanced server administration and we will take care of maintaining the operational efficiency of your server. At the same time, root access remains with us, and you receive the following services:


• round-the-clock monitoring of server performance and its physical resources
• installation, updating and configuration of system-wide software
• installation of control panels
• 24/7 server monitoring
• installation and configuration of antiviruses
• installation and configuration of backup
• restore data from backups on demand
• transfer of sites, databases, settings
• server optimization
• DDoS attack filtering (without connecting additional equipment)
• fine-tuning MySQL for optimal resource utilization
• PHP performance optimization
• reading and analysis of system-wide software logs in order to identify potential problems in the operation of the software and its security


The cost of server administration is UAH 750/month. The package includes 3 hours of our system administrator's work per month during working hours and 24/7 server monitoring.


Premium administration service

This service is relevant for highly loaded and complex projects and includes audit, consulting and administration:


• site infrastructure audit
• detection of "bottlenecks"
• development of individual IT solutions that optimize the operation of the project's infrastructure
• consulting programmers and system administrators
• development of optimization recommendations based on the conducted analysis

The cost of the premium administration service is calculated at double the standard administration rate.


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