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Hestia CP: Creating an SSL certificate for the control panel

When working with the Hestia control panel, it happens that when you visit the login page of the panel, you see a message that the connection is not secure. Most often, this message appears when you visit the control panel via the server IP with the https:// protocol specified, since the SSL security certificate is not distributed to the IP, the browser may display this message with caution.



Most often, it is enough to click the button [ADVANCED] - [GO TO SITE...] , after which the control panel will open.


Depending on the browser's security settings, there may still be a "Go to the site..." button, in which case you need to visit the control panel not by IP, but by a service link to the server (hostname) to which you can issue an SSL certificate security


You can find the service link to the server in the letter with the connection to the server, usually it looks like -


So let's install an SSL certificate on the hostname


Connect to the server via SSH or [WEB-VNC] as root and run the following command:



Usually the command has no output and is executed quite quickly, all it does is print out a free SSL from Let's Encrypt with auto-renewal on the hostname.


After executing the command, it is enough to go to the hostname (must specify the port of the control panel) and you will see the login page, and a lock icon will appear in the address bar, which will indicate an active and valid SSL certificate .