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Hestia CP: Create CRON job

The CRON scheduler is a tool that allows you to create a task that will be executed on the server at a certain frequency. For example, it is through CRON in the Hestia control panel that backups are created, free SSL certificates are updated, etc., for each such operation there is a corresponding CRON task.


You can view the list of crowns on the CRON tab of the Hestia control panel.


To create a new task, click the Add Cron task button.



In the Command field, enter the command that should be executed according to the schedule.


If your goal is to run some script on the site according to the schedule, you can do it with the following list of commands, depending on your needs:


Using wget

/usr/bin/wget -O /dev/null ""


Using curl

/usr/bin/curl -s ""


Using the php interpreter

/usr/bin/php7.4 "/home/admin/web/"


Do not forget to replace in the commands: - script link.

php7.4 - php version from which to run the script.

/home/ admin /web/ /public_html/ script.php - absolute path to the script on the server.



After forming the team, in the execution timer generator, schedule the execution date/time and click the Generate button.


Make sure that the task is added correctly and save the changes by clicking the Save button.


The task you created will be added to the bottom of the existing list of crowns.



Hovering the mouse cursor over a task allows you to: edit , pause, and delete it .