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Hestia CP: Backup to FTP storage

By default, the Hestia control panel backs up locally, that is, it saves the backup archives to the same server where it is hosted, thus consuming free disk space.


At Cityhost hosting, when you order a VDS/DS server, you automatically receive free FTP storage and 50 GB of space for storing backup copies, but to use them, you need to configure the control panel accordingly.


Go to the Server section (gear icon) and click the Configure button

Open the Archives tab and enable the Remote archive item. In the same step, you can disable the Local archive option to store backups only on FTP storage.

Open the hosting control panel, select your server and go to the Server Management section. Enable one of the repositories and open its settings.

Set a secret password to access the FTP storage and remember it.

Return to the Hestia control panel settings and fill in the fields to access the FTP repositories with the previously obtained data


In the field Protocol - specify FTP

Host field - data from FTP server

Port field - 21

Account field - data from FTP login

Password field - the password you set

Leave the field Folder - empty

Save the settings and check the operation of the repository by running the archive creation.


To check whether the archive gets to the FTP storage, you can use the scale of disk space in the storage settings, or add your IP to the white list of the storage and connect to it directly through any FTP client using the same data.