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Hestia CP: Customizing web server settings

When you install the Hestia Control Panel, all web server and database settings are configured by default. Sometimes these parameters are not enough for some sites, which can result in errors, most often 504 Gateaway Timeout , or failure to load a large file through the site's file manager, such as pictures, videos or archives.

This problem is solved by changing the appropriate parameters of the Apache web server, Nginx or the MariaDB database depending on the need in the particular case. Below we will consider the basic parameters and recommended values, but they should be selected depending on the specifics of the site and server capacity.

Go to the Server section (gear icon) and click the Edit button next to the desired service.


Timeout 300 — Maximum request waiting time

Additional PHP settings

max_execution_time 300 — The maximum execution time of the PHP script

max_input_time 300 — The maximum time for the script to process input data

memory_limit 1024M — The maximum amount of RAM for use by the script

post_max_size 300M — The maximum size of a POST request (affects the size of downloaded files)

upload_max_filesize 300M — The maximum size of the uploaded file


send_timeout 300s

proxy_connect_timeout 300s

proxy_send_timeout 300s

proxy_read_timeout 300s


wait_timeout 300

interactive_timeout 300

max_allowed_packet 100M

Only basic parameters are listed here. For a more "fine" setting, you should use an SSH connection to the server and make changes to the configuration files of the services.