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Hestia CP: Exclude files from backup

By default, all user files — site files, databases, mailboxes, and system files — are added to the Hestia control panel backup archive. If the backup archive will use more disk space than is free on the server, then such an archive will not be created and the backup will not take place either manually or on a schedule.


In such a situation, the solution is to exclude large files from the backup copy, for example, unnecessary databases, or directories that consume a lot of space, such as directories with cache data or images.


In order to exclude certain elements from the backup, go to the Backup section - Archive exceptions - Setting up exceptions for the archive

In the Web domains block, you can clear sites that do not need to be archived. Each individual site must be on a new line. If you need to exclude only certain directories from a specific site, you can do it as follows. In this example, all the files of the directory /images and /cache will be excluded from the archive of the backup copy of the site, you can also notice that the directories are separated by a colon — :

According to a similar scheme, you can also include databases, where each separate database must be in a new line.

After saving all the settings, go to the Backup - Archive exceptions section and check whether the excluded items are correctly displayed.