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Hestia CP: Access to phpMyAdmin

If you see a Page Not Found error when clicking the phpMyAdmin button in the DB section, don't panic, you are most likely visiting the control panel via the server's IP. Access to the phpMyAdmin functionality via IP in the Hestia control panel has been disabled by its developers for security reasons . To access phpMyAdmin, you can use the hostname of the server or the domain directed to the server.

The server hostname is a web link to the server, you can find it in the letter with the server access data. Usually, the hostname has the following form , where instead of server-name, there will be the name of your server, which you specified when ordering it. If you add /phpmyadmin to the server hostname and follow the link, you will get to phpMyAdmin. Here is an example of such a link -

Another option is to get into phpMyAdmin, use the domain that has already been sent to the server. Suppose you have a site , adding /phpmyadmin to it will also open the login page. Example —

If you visit the Hestia control panel through the hostname like this - , then in the DB section, by clicking the phpMyAdmin button, you will immediately go to the working version, just refuse to use the control panel by IP and use hostname to gain access.