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Hestia CP: Free SSL Certificate

To connect a free SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt to your site, go to the WEB section, click the Edit domain icon, check 2 items — SSL support and Let's Encrypt support , click the Save button.

You can also check the item Forced redirect HTTP-to-HTTPS to automatically redirect all requests from the site to HTTPS , so as not to do this on the site due to additional settings.

Please note: an SSL certificate can be issued only if the domain is parked on the server. If the domain leads to another hosting or server, this will cause the certificate creation to fail.

After a short download, the SSL certificate will be printed and information about it will be displayed. The certificate is valid for 3 months, but the control panel will automatically rewrite it to keep it current.

You can check the operation of the SSL certificate on the site using the sslshopper service. This is what a proper job report looks like.