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Windows: Order additional RDP licenses

Remote Desktop Protocol, or RDP from Remote Desktop Protocol, is used to access and administer a server running the Windows Server operating system.


By default, 2 RDP licenses are provided for each server, this is a user license and an administrator license, both licenses according to the rules must be used exclusively for server administration, and no matter how many additional users are created in the operating system, the maximum number of users that can connect to the server at the same time according to the RDP protocol is no more than 2x .


If more RDP users need to connect to the server, this can be done by ordering additional RDP licenses.


1 additional RDP license allows 1 additional user to connect to the server's remote desktop. You can order additional RDP licenses in the VDS/DS service control panel, in the [additional services] section.


Please note the following important points:


The minimum term for ordering an RDP license is 1 month, and the server's validity period is taken into account when ordering. For example, if the server is extended for 40 days, the license will be ordered for 2 months.


To connect the license to the server, our technical specialist must join the server and register it in the system, so we need to receive from you the connection data for the operating system administrator user.


After connecting the license to the server by our technical specialist, you will receive a notification about this. At this point, you can create a new user in the system and join it via RDP.


At the stage of the order, you need to enter information about the EDRPOU of the legal entity or the TIN of the individual on whose behalf the order is made. This information is shared with Microsoft.


For example, if you need 5 additional licenses, first order 3, and then 2 more (or vice versa). The other quantity is ordered by analogy.


Calculation for additional RDP licenses is carried out in foreign currency, and their value may fluctuate depending on the currency exchange rate current on the day of the order. The cost of one license is 9 euros.


In case of cancellation of the ordered license, no refund is provided.