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How to connect KVM to a dedicated server

A KVM session is a special service access to a dedicated server that allows you to work with the server as if you were physically behind the server screen. KVM provides full control of the server, its keyboard and mouse, which is useful in cases where you need to troubleshoot problems that prevent the server from booting, such as errors in network settings, unavailability of SSH or RDP connections. KVM allows you to see the entire boot process of the server, change the boot or bios settings, install the operating system from the .iso image, format the disk, etc.

Connecting a KVM session is done by sending an arbitrary request from the [control panel] in which you need to specify the name of the server or its IP.

If you need to connect your own .iso image to the server, send a link to its direct download with the request, that is, the link should be direct, which leads to the desired .iso file that will be mounted on the server.

The KVM console is hardware and software that is connected to physical server ports by employees of the data center. Since the number of such KVM consoles in the data center is limited, the connection takes place on a first-come, first-served basis, and the session lasts for a limited time.

A KVM session for dedicated servers located in Germany lasts no more than 3 (three) hours per day for free. If necessary, for 10 (ten) euros, you can book a KVM console behind the server for an additional 3 (three) hours according to data center rates.

You can book a session for the desired hour at least 2 hours in 15 minute increments.