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Enabling two-step authentication

Two-step authentication is an additional precaution to protect your control panel from unauthorized access.

To do this, go to your control panel, to the Settings page, find the ACCOUNT SETTINGS section - Two-step authentication - Management:

A settings window will open, click Next :

We choose on which device the application for generating codes will be installed, after choosing, click Next :

After selecting the device, in a new window we will see a short instruction for activating OTR-authorization, after completing it, click Next :

Through the application, we receive the authorization code, enter it in a new window, click Next :

At the last step, we will be asked to save the backup access codes in a separate file on our PC, in case of losing the mobile device, we will need them. You can use each code only once :

Now you can log in to your control panel by specifying your login, password and OTR authorization code :

You can disable two-step authorization in the same Settings menu in your control panel by clicking on Management :

After entering the OTR code , 2x-authorization will be disabled .

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