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How to get a promo code or discount

Our company often holds a variety of promotions where you can save a lot when ordering services. These can be both temporary promotions for important events and special promotional codes for a discount. We also have permanent offers that help you save on ordering services or get a nice bonus ????

Temporary offers and promo codes

The most important source of information about promotions and promotional codes is our news resources, such as the Telegram channel or Facebook page, so it will not be superfluous to subscribe to both to track interesting offers ????

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Another source is hosting rating sites or our partners, in collaboration with whom we create content or hold offline events.

Permanent offers

• If you have a friend who recommended our company to you, ask him to give you a personal promotional code with which you can order hosting with a -10% discount.

• More means cheaper! Pay for hosting services or server rentals for a longer period and save by receiving a discount proportional to the duration of the order period.

• Get a free domain for a year when ordering hosting for a period of 12 months or more. When choosing a hosting tariff, pay attention to the [domain as a gift] column.

• Use the services of and receive a accumulative discount on hosting, registration and renewal of domains up to -15%. You do not need to register in any programs - the calculation is automatic.

• Leave an objective review about CityHost and receive bonuses from us as a thank you for your time spent.

And the best part is that these actions work together! Use all the possibilities at the same time and save as much as possible on services. For a detailed description of ongoing offers, see the section [bonuses and promotions] in the control panel [link]