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How to sign documents through Diya

To sign documents through the Diya service, it is necessary to have an electronic digital signature - EDS (this is a digital file with a set of encrypted data, which is used to identify a person).

You can get an EDS through the same Diya service (paid) - or through Privat24 (free): there are 2 types of EDS issued through the Privat24 personal account - All services - Business - Download certificate , after filling in all the data, download the file with the key and SmartID , which can be written out through the Privat24Business application.

So, we open the Diya website and auto-register using EDS :

Select the type of EDS authorization, download the key (1), select the center through which the EDS key was issued (2), the password from the key (3), press Continue (4)

In the personal account at the top, select Services - Enterprise - Signing documents .

1. Once again download our EDS key:

2. Select the file we need to sign and download :

3. Check the information and select "Sign the file" :

4. After signing the file, you can download it: