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How to create a backup copy of the current state of the site?

This functionality creates a snapshot of the current state of the site and database.

To create a copy of the current state of the site, database or entire account, go to your control panel: [link to the control panel]

Next: [Hosting 2.0 -- Management] :

Go to the [BACKUP] tab and click on the [Backup the current state] button:

In the drop-down menu, specify the necessary parameters (a list of sites [1] and databases [2] for which you need to create a copy) and click on the [CONFIRM] [3] button:

— a copy will be created within 3 hours from the moment of its creation (from 5 minutes to 3 hours) , depending on the volume of the created copy;
— after creating a copy, a letter with a direct download link will be sent to the registration email;
— to be able to download a copy using a direct link - your IP address must be added to the list of those allowed to connect to FTP ;
— a directory will be mounted in the root of your hosting account - remote_backup_archive , which stores the last created copy, it can always be accessed using FTP;
— the copy is saved until 23:59 of the current day, when creating a new copy, the previously created copy is deleted , accordingly only one (last) copy is saved;
— created copies of archives of the current state cannot be restored through the control panel;