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Setting up the catch-all function

Catch-all is a feature that allows you to receive all emails even if they are sent to incorrect or non-existent email addresses. For example, you will be able to receive emails to mailboxes that have already been deleted from your email system, or receive emails when the sender misspells the mailbox name.


To activate the cath-all functionality, you need to go to the hosting control panel-Hosting 2.0, find the required hosting account, click Control Panel, find and open the Mail, Mail Domains menu. If you need to create a new mail domain, follow the instructions here.



Next, select the required mail domain from the list and click on the edit pencil icon.



In the Catch emails to the specified email if the addressee does not exist (catchall) field, specify the email address to which you want to receive the intercepted emails and click Save



To disable the catch-all function, just leave the field blank.


You can use any email address as a catchall, but we recommend that you use an address that belongs to your email domain in Citihost to avoid any possible difficulties. For example, if you specify a catch-all box in the gmail domain, you can receive emails to it, but if the sender also sends you an email from the gmail box, according to the policy of this email provider, there is a possibility that this email will be marked as spam or it will not be received at all, in accordance with the internal policies of processing emails.