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How do I disable redirection for a specific file?

If you need to disable redirection for a specific file on the site, you just need to add the following rule to the .htaccess file located [in the root directory of the site] :

 <FilesMatch "^FILENAME$"> RewriteEngine off

There are cases when it is necessary to disable peaddressing for the robots.txt file, for example, so that the server responds with 200 - OK. For this implementation, you can use the following structure in .htaccess:

 <FilesMatch "^robots.txt$"> RewriteEngine off 

Please note: if you have [enabled] redirection to the https protocol in the control panel, then it must be disabled, since the redirection will take place before the rule is processed in .htaccess at the level of the NGINX web server.

For quick access to the .htaccess file and its editing, you can use [file manager]