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How to connect to FTP using FileZilla?

To configure the FTP connection using the FileZilla client, in the upper left corner, select [FILE -- SITE MANAGER] or press the key combination [CTRL+S]:

Then click on the [NEW SITE] button and enter an arbitrary name for the new connection:

Next, fill in the data in accordance with the arrows on the screenshot, and as:

[1] — Host (server): specify the server of your hosting account, which you can find out using the instructions;
[2] — Login and Password: enter the authorization data of your FTP user, which can be found using the instructions;

After that, just click on the [CONNECT] button and you will connect to the server using the FTP protocol . These parameters will be saved in the client itself and you can make further connections with one click.

For a successful connection, you must add your IP address to the list of allowed connections. You can do this using [instructions at the link]