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How to change FTP user settings?

To edit an FTP user, go to your control panel : [link to control panel]

Next : [Hosting 2.0 -- Management] :

Go to [FTP] tab :

Next, at the bottom of the page in the [FTP accounts] section, click on the [EDIT] button opposite the desired FTP user:

In the control menu, specify: a new password for the FTP user [1] and, if necessary, the user's working directory [2] and click on the [SAVE] button:

[1] - new password from the user in the system, which will be used for authorization when connecting to FTP. You can automatically generate a random password by pressing the blue circular arrow button ;
[2] — if necessary restricting access to a certain directory, for example - the root directory of a certain site, you can specify the desired and arbitrary directory in manual mode (SPECIFY IN MANUAL MODE) , or use the automatic function of restricting access to the root directory of a certain site (SELECT SITE) . When using this option, the user will not be able to climb above the selected directory, all nested directories will be accessible. If there is no need to restrict access - do not fill in the settings of these fields;