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How to add your IP to the list of allowed connections?

In order to increase security, the hosting servers are limited to the possibility of connecting to FTP only from permitted IP addresses.
It is impossible to remove this restriction. Temporarily disable - possibly with the help of [instructions] .

To add your IP address to the list of allowed connections, go to your control panel: [link to control panel]

Next: [Hosting 2.0 - Management] :

Go to the [ FTP ] tab , in the lower menu click on the [ ADD IP TO ALLOWED LIST ] button :

In the drop-down menu, specify the desired IP address and click on the button [ ADD ] [ 2 ] :

[ 1 ] - a field for entering an IP address or subnet up to / 16 range , which includes 65535 addresses . To add a subnet , it is necessary to specify the IP address in CIDR format , type - XXX.XXX.0.0 / 16
[ 3 ] - the function of automatic addition of the IP address from which you entered the control panel . Before adding, we recommend turning off the VPN or PROXY connection , otherwise you will not be adding your real IP address .

Changes take effect immediately.