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How to automatically install СMS (wordpress, joomla, opencart, modX)?

To start the automatic installation of the most popular CMS, you need to go to your control panel: [link to the control panel]

Next: [Hosting 2.0 - Management]:

Go to the [SITES] tab and opposite the desired site click on [MANAGEMENT] :

Next, opposite the [CMS Auto-installation] menu item, click the [INSTALL] button:

In the menu that appears, fill in the required fields and click the [INSTALL] button:

[1] - select CMS from the list available for installation;
[2] - fill in the data of the site administrator, which will need to be used for authorization in the admin panel;
[3] -select the database you want for this site. Please note that the entire content of the selected database will be deleted before the installation begins. If necessary, you can create a new database with the help of the instructions: [link to the instructions]