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How to export the database? (download from server)

To export a database dump file, go to your control panel : [link to control panel] .

After that, using the [instructions], enter the database management interface - PhpMyAdmin under the user assigned to the desired database.

In the welcome window in the left side menu, select the database you need [1] and click on the [EXPORT][2] button:

— information_schema - system table, you don't need to touch it;
— you must select a database in the left menu displaying the list of available databases;

Next, select the necessary export parameters and click on the [NEXT] button:

[1] control menu for database download from the server (export);
[2] — a simplified (fast) type of export is used;
[3] output dump file format, it is better to use SQL, as it can be easily edited with any text editor;
[4] — after clicking the [NEXT] button, the file with the .sql extension will start downloading;