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Site error open_basedir restriction in effect

Importantly! Some CMS, such as OpenCart, may not work correctly with the open_basedir option enabled. For such sites, you need to disable this option.


open_basedir - Restricts PHP's access to the file system, file paths, and directories on the hosting server and can reduce the risk of hacking site(s) that exploit PHP scripting vulnerabilities to access sensitive information or files that PHP scripts should not access.


You can correct open_basedir restriction in effect error if:

— or allow access to the necessary files by editing PHP parameters in the control panel;

— or disable open_basedir entirely (not recommended for security reasons).


To edit, you need to go to your control panel - Hosting 2.0 - Management - Sites at the bottom in the settings of the desired site, find PHP parameters :



Click Edit and find the open_basedir parameter, set the required value and save the changes :