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Infinite redirect (err_too_many_redirects)

This error indicates that the browser cannot establish a stable connection with the site, because the site is cyclically redirected to itself an infinite number of times. Quite simply, this difficulty is diagnosed through the developer tools in the browser (hotkey F12).

Ways to fix the error

???? Make sure that a valid SSL certificate is active on the site.

???? Check that there are no rules in the .htaccess configuration file that create a looping redirect. If there are such rules, comment them with #. In this case, you can allow https redirection to be performed at the hosting level, in the settings of the SSL certificate, since the setting at the hosting level has a much higher speed than the rules of the .htaccess file

???? Make sure that the link with the correct https:// or http:// protocol is set in the site and database configuration files. For example, for a site built on CMS WordPress, it is typical to store the site URL in the wp_options table, siteurl & home fields.

???? If the domain was recently configured to work with the Cloud Flare service and this error is observed immediately after that, change the encryption type in the SSL certificate settings in the Cloud Flare control panel. If https redirection is enabled on both hosting and Cloud Flare, you need to disable redirection on hosting and configure this option only on Cloud Flare so that there are no duplicate settings.