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How to check the availability of a port on the server?

In order to check whether there is a connection from your computer to the server on a certain port, for example 25 (smtp), 21 (ftp), 110 (pop3), 143 (imap), 3306 (mysql) or another.

It is necessary to use the telnet utility. By default, this utility is not included in Windows 7/8/10 operating systems. To activate it, you need to go to "Control Panel> Programs> Programs and Tools", select the item "Enable or disable Windows components" in the list, check the item "Telnet Client" and click OK.

Next, we will proceed directly to check the connection with the port, for this we press "Windows + R" and in the window, type the cmd command and press the Enter key.

In the window, write the command telnet "server IP" "port", for example: telnet 25

If the port is not blocked, you will receive the following response:

If the connection via the port does not occur, you will receive the following response:

The reason for the blocking may be an antivirus or firewall on your computer, or the ports may be blocked by your Internet provider