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How to transfer hosting to another CityHost user?

To change the owner of your hosting account, go to your control panel: [link to control panel]

Next [Hosting / Hosting 2.0 – Management]:

In the top menu with information about your hosting account, click on the [CHANGE OWNER] button:

In the next menu, enter the ID or email of the client in our system to whom you want to transfer your hosting account and click on the [SEND SMS CONFIRMATION CODE] button:

A verification verification code will be sent to the phone's registration number, which must be entered in the appropriate field and click the [VERIFY CODE] button:

Next, you just need to confirm the operation in the pop-up window by clicking the [CONFIRM] button:

[1] - this procedure implies the complete transfer of rights to the service to another user. Management of this service will not be available in your control panel;
[2] - the transfer of the account is carried out within 15 minutes from the moment of confirmation of the application;
[3] - it is impossible to return the hosting account at the request of the old owner, only the new owner of the hosting account can make a return transfer.