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How to temporarily increase hosting parameters?

For some tasks, such as: export, import of a large volume of goods, generation of cache data, resizing of pictures, etc. a large number of resources are required. These and other tasks that are not performed every day and do not require daily use, but at the same time consume a large amount of server resources - we implemented the functionality of temporarily increasing the parameters of the hosting account — Booster 3000 .

Hosting parameters that will be increased: CPU (increase the number of cores by a factor of x2), RAM (increase the total amount of memory by a factor of x2), PHP_MEMORY_LIMIT (increase the total amount of memory by a factor of x4), execution time of scripts / waiting time for response (all timeout parameters for nginx, apache, php with a factor of x2). The parameters may change depending on the tariff plan, but the coefficients are static. Details of the increases are available on the service management page.

To temporarily increase hosting parameters, go to your control panel : [link to control panel]

Next: [Hosting 2.0 -- Management] :

Go to the tab [MANAGEMENT][1] -- [BOOSTER 3000][2] :

On the displayed page, to enable a temporary increase in parameters, click on the [ENABLE] button:

— the functionality is activated for 4 hours. The shutdown date is displayed in this section, instead of the [ENABLE] button;
— you will not be able to change the tariff plan while the functionality is enabled;
— when adding a new site, you will have the opportunity to increase the PHP parameters to increased values manually, in the [PHP settings] section
— activation of the functionality is available only once a day;