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How to find out information about the occupied disk space?

To control the used resources, in particular the disk quota, the function of collecting statistical metrics from the hosting servers is used.

To view information about the occupied space, go to your control panel: [link to control panel]

Next: [Hosting 2.0 -- Management] :

Then select the section [RESOURCES][1] -- [DISK][2] :

The page below shows detailed information about disk quota consumption.

— a diagram of the use of occupied space [1] and the use of inode [2]:

for unlim tariff plans, since the space limit is unlimited, 100% of the occupied space is always displayed

— extended information for the directory with all sites by the amount of occupied space[1] and inode consumption[2] of a specific site directory:

— statistics are updated every two hours;
— the extended information in the table contains information only about directories with all sites: /var/www/HOSTING_LOGIN/www;
— you can get detailed information on the consumption of disk quotas for nested directories with the help of [instructions] ;