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How to change the name (rename) of the site?

To simplify the process of changing the domain name for your site, you have the option to automatically change the name of the virtual host (domain) on the server.

Go to control panel: [link to control panel]

Next: [Hosting 2.0 – Management]

Go to the [SITES] tab and click [CHANGE SITE ADDRESS]:

In the menu, enter the name of your new domain and click on the [SAVE] button:

After that, within 5 minutes, the name of your site will change, saving the site files and configuration.

- the SSL certificate for the old domain will be deleted;
- the list of aliases will remain the same.

Some CMS use global binding to the URL site (domain) and the new address will not always work correctly, as the site scripts will redirect to the old domain. Setup instructions for different CMS can be found in [WORKING WITH CMS]