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How to change the country of placement?

The functionality of automatic migration between servers located in different countries is available in the control panel.
To start the procedure for changing the country of placement, go to your control panel: [link to the control panel]

Next: [Hosting 2.0 -- Management] :


Go to the tab [MANAGEMENT][1] -- [MIGRATION][2] :


In the following menu, the current country of your hosting account will be displayed, as well as the possibility to change the country of the hosting account. To start the migration procedure, click on the appropriate [CHANGE] button:


After that, in the proposed menu, select the country you need for placement (by clicking on the icon with the desired flag)[1] and click on the [NEXT] button:


At the next stage, review the information provided on the page and click the [NEXT] button to start the transfer process:


— after adding a task to migrate an account to another country, the hosting account will be blocked, its management will be unavailable until the transfer procedure is completed.
— for domains that use our NS servers, new DNS records will be generated automatically.
— for domains that use third-party NS servers, it will be necessary to replace the address record by specifying the new IP address of the server.
— the transfer procedure can take up to three hours, upon completion of the transfer - you will receive an additional message to the registration email.
— old backups from the old server are not transferred.

— after performing the migration, the possibility of the next one will be opened after 3 days.