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How to change the caching period, as well as the list of static files?

On virtual hosting, the nginx + apache connection is used to improve the speed of work. Apache (backend) for processing scripts (php, perl, python), and nginx - for rendering static content (frontend): pictures, styles, js, etc.

To edit the configuration of the nginx web server, go to the control panel: [link to the control panel]
Next: [Hosting 2.0 - Management]

Go to the [SITES] tab and click on [MANAGE]:

Opposite [CACHING], click [EDIT]:

In the menu: enable or disable the caching option - [1], specify the caching term - [2], specify the list of static objects that will be processed by nginx - [3] and click [SAVE]:

[1] - Button to enable and disable the caching header, which will be given for all static files whose extensions are listed in point [3].
[2] - Cache lifetime in days. You can specify any value in days you need. The default is 7 days.
[3] - List of file extensions processed by the nginx frontend server.