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How to use the service (test) site address?

For all sites added to the control panel, a unique test domain is created by default, under which, regardless of the functionality of the domain, the content of the site will always be available, because it is used as an alias of the main domain.

By default, the feature is enabled. You can disable it in your control panel: [link to control panel]

Next go to: [Hosting 2.0 – Management]

Go to the [SITES] tab and click on [MANAGE]

In the drop-down menu you will see the field [TEST DOMAIN]:

[1] – when clicked, the content of your site for the test domain will open in a new window;
[2] – when clicked, you can allow or prohibit the use of the test domain.

Some CMS use global linking to the URL site (domain) and the test address will not always work correctly. Setup instructions for different CMS can be found in [WORKING WITH CMS]