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How to add a nickname (alias) for the site?

A nickname (alias) is an address that will also open your main site (domain).

For example: you have a domain and two subdomains , . In order for the content of the main site to be opened at the addresses , , it is necessary to specify your two subdomains as pseudonyms (aliases) for the main domain.

For better understanding, the subdomain is always an alias of the main site .

To configure aliases, go to control panel ? [link to control panel]

Then in the upper left corner [HOSTING 2.0] ? [MANAGEMENT]

Opposite the required site, click on [MANAGEMENT] , Opposite the [PSEUDNAMES] item, click on the [EDIT] button:

In the menu that appears, specify the list of necessary aliases for the site with a space and click [SAVE] :

Shortly after saving, the aliases will be activated, and you can check their operation by opening them in the browser.

Pay attention! In the presence of an active SSL certificate, adding an alias to the site will lead to the need to reissue the certificate, since the certificate files contain information only about those domains and aliases that existed at the time of creating the certificate. Creating an alias will not disrupt the main domain, but when opening the alias, some users may see the warning message "The connection to the site is not secure", which occurs on sites without an SSL certificate.