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Integration of the Google Analytics tracking code on the site

On our hosting, you can integrate the tracking code of visitors and traffic of the Google Analytics website directly through the hosting, without the need to do it by writing JavaScript code on the website pages or installing separate modules/plugins on the website.

As part of the instructions, you can install the Google Analytics tracking code in just a few mouse clicks. So:

1. Go to the hosting control panel of the desired site, and open the PageSpeed module settings ? instructions .

2. Scroll down the PageSpeed module settings page to the bottom and find the insert_ga filter.

3. In the box opposite the insert_ga filter, enter your own tracking ID , which can be obtained from the Google Analytics control panel. For example, usually the code looks like this ? UA-12345-6

4. Confirm the changes by pressing the Save button

From now on, the Google Analytics JavaScript code with your tracking ID will appear on all pages of the site.

If necessary, to disable the insert_ga filter, enter the number 0 (zero) in the field and save the settings.