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How to order additional services for the test period

Thanks to additional services, such as Memcached , OPcache or Redis , it is possible to significantly increase the performance and speed of the site, provided that the site is correctly configured to use these technologies. Since ordering additional services requires the allocation of additional physical resources on the part of the hosting server, these services are paid, depending on the selected tariff.

In order to help you evaluate the benefits of additional services and decide on their use for your project, we offer a free 10-day test period in the maximum tariff plan. This will give you the opportunity to clearly assess the resource consumption of your site and check the effectiveness of these services in your particular case.

To order any service for the test period , you can use the button Order a test on the tab of the desired service. We emphasize that additional services require configuration on the part of the site to use these technologies and ensure their maximum effectiveness.

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