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Which company verification method should I choose (DV, EV, OV)?

When choosing a paid SSL certificate, you can see that they also differ in the company's verification method — DV, OV, EV . The final value of the certificate and its level of trust will depend on the chosen verification method.

What type to choose

Domain Verification (DV) is the cheapest type of certificate that verifies that a site is actually hosted at a domain address and ensures that the data inside it is protected. However, it does not verify the company or personal details of the individual applying for this type of certificate.

Organization Validation (OV) - This type of certificate is an extension of the domain validation described above. In addition to checking the domain and ensuring the security of the transmitted data, in this case the company that applied for the certificate is also checked.

Extended Verification (EV) - the certificate provides the highest level of security, as evidenced by its general name, that is, full authentication. It undergoes detailed and thorough verification by the certification center of both the domain and the company, ensuring trust and 100% security for site users.

pay attention

Generating a DV certificate is the easiest and takes the least amount of time, all you have to do is confirm ownership of the domain using one of the three proposed methods — DNS, a file on the site, or a letter to the email address created in the domain.

For OV and EV certificates, in addition to domain verification, company verification is performed using a phone call and checking public data from open sources. We strongly recommend that you enter relevant data in the fields: the address of the organization, the index, the phone number, in particular the phone to which the phone call itself will be made.