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How to confirm the ordered SSL certificate?

Paid SSL certificates undergo a mandatory verification process after ordering to confirm that the person applying for the certificate is the real owner of the domain. SSL verification helps to ensure that only the owner of the domain can generate a certificate for it, which in turn helps to increase the level of security.

There are 3 verification methods to choose from for verifying paid SSL certificates:

1. DNS verification — after ordering SSL, the system will offer to place a special DNS record (TXT or CNAME) on the domain. If the domain for which the certificate is ordered is located on NS servers of the Cityhost company, the necessary DNS records will be created automatically and the verification will be completed in the near future, after which you will be able to download the certificate files. If the domain is located on someone else's NS servers, do not forget to take care of creating verification DNS records, which can be seen on the page of the ordered certificate. Checking the presence of a record on the DNS domain takes place every 15 minutes.

2. FILE verification - the system will offer to create a file with certain text content on the site, carefully study the instructions for placing the file on the page of the ordered certificate. The website is checked for file availability every 15 minutes.

3. EMAIL verification — for certificate verification, an email will be sent with a link, clicking on which verification will be completed. Please note that the letter will be sent to the admin@ mailbox, which must exist in the domain at the time of certificate verification. The box can be created even after the order, and on the certificate page there will be a button to send a second letter in case it was lost.

Pay attention!

Verification is a mandatory part of ordering an SSL certificate, the certificate will not be activated without completing the verification. The certificate verification status is visible on the order page.

After fulfilling the verification conditions, the status of the certificate will be updated within 30-90 minutes. If you are sure that all conditions are met, but the status of the certificate does not change for a long period of time, please contact our technical support for help.