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Their address and port protocols

Protocol User Server address Login Port
FTP, FTPS Main u123456 21
Additional u123456-sub1
SFTP, SCP Main u123456 22
Additional u123456-sub1
SSH, Rsync, BorgBackup, SFTP, SCP Main u123456 23
Additional u123456-sub1
SAMBA, CIFS Main Windows?\\\backup

u123456 445
Additional Windows?\\\123456-sub1

HTTPS, WebDAV Main u123456 443
Additional u123456-sub1


Why can't I create a lib or etc folder?

These folder names are reserved in some protocols, such as FTP, and cannot be created directly in the root folder. A detailed answer to this question can be found in the documentation for the ProFTPD software.


What is the maximum number of simultaneous connections?

You can make up to 10 simultaneous connections to the storage, all other connections over the limit will not be allowed and will be rejected by the storage.


What is the basic file transfer speed?

The storage allows you to transfer files at a speed of 1 gbps.