Help and support

How to order storage?

To order storage, go to the page, select the required storage tariff plan and click Buy . Storage tariff plans mostly differ only in disk space and the number of simultaneously available snapshots .

The system will redirect you to the control panel. If you are not logged into your control panel at this step, log in by entering your username and password.

Enter the name of the warehouse , choose the location and the period of the order .

After filling in all the fields, press the Order button.

pay attention

  1. It is not possible to change the location after the order, it is chosen logically based on the distance, although the delays and response time of the storage in all locations will be minimal (within margin of error).
  2. After ordering, the storage will be ready within 1-24 hours, so we try to do it as soon as possible.
  3. When the storage is ready, you will receive a letter to your registration e-mail or to the notification bot (if connected).
  4. The storage is built on the basis of HDD disks in a RAID configuration