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Connecting to the repository with SSH keys

You can connect to the repository using SSH and SFTP without entering a password, just generate and add your SSH key to the repository.

1. Generate keys:

 ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 2048

2. Place the keys in the repository, not forgetting to substitute your user and server address in the command:

 cat ~/.ssh/ | ssh -p23 install-ssh-key

3. After executing command #2, the system will prompt the user to enter a login password, enter it. The following output will indicate the successful addition of keys in the repository:

 cat ~/.ssh/ | ssh -p23 install-ssh-key's password: Key No. 1 (ssh-rsa was installed in RFC4716 format Key No. 1 (ssh-rsa was installed in OpenSSH format

4. You can make sure that the connection is made using an SSH key by making a connection attempt, if successful, you will immediately join the server without entering a password:

 ssh -p23