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Moving files with RSYNC

To quickly copy files between the storage and your server, it is quite convenient to use the RSYNC utility, it is able to transfer files via the secure SSH protocol and resume the transfer in case of interruption.

Basic command syntax:

 rsync -Pre 'ssh -p23' PATH_SERVER

Put in the team:

  1. PATH_SERVER — path from where to copy files on the server
  2. LOGIN — login of the storage user
  3. PATH_STORAGEBOX — the path to where to copy files in the storage

Keys used:

  1. P is the same as --partial --progress
  2. r is recursive copying, same as --recursive
  3. e is an additional command to specify the connection port

An example of copying all files from the /home/myfiles/ folder to the backup folder:

 rsync -Pre 'ssh -p23' /home/myfiles/

To back-copy files from the storage to the server, swap PATH_SERVER and PATH_STORAGEBOX :

 rsync -Pre 'ssh -p23' /home/myfiles/