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General questions/answers about domains

1. When will the domain start working after registration?

Usually, activation of a newly registered domain takes 1-2 hours without the ability to speed up this process, since it takes time to distribute information about the domain through DNS servers around the world, including your personal local DNS cache (your computer, router or provider). The activation time is individual for each Internet user.


2. How quickly will the domain work after renewal/restoration?

Usually 1-2 hours since the domain needs time to reactivate in the network (paragraph 1 of this article). We advise you to prevent domain deactivation beforehand by renewing it.


3. I made changes to the domain's DNS/NS records, why are they not visible?

Synchronisation of changes in DNS records of a domain is not an instant process, which on average takes 30-60 minutes (but can take up to 72 hours), since information about the changes must be distributed to DNS servers around the world, the DNS cache of your computer, provider, router, etc. must be updated. The process is similar to the one described in paragraph 1 of this article.


4. How can I get information about any domain?

Enter the domain in any whois service, for example, ours, whois will display all available public information about the domain, such as expiration date, registration date, NS servers, etc.


5. How to find out the domain hosting?

Usually, a domain website is loaded from the NS servers that are displayed in the domain whois (paragraph 3 of this article). Additionally, you can find out the IP of the host and its name through third-party services, for example [through this one].