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How to send a domain to hosting?

To transfer a domain to our hosting, you need:

1 . You can install our NS through the Hosting2.0 - Management - Sites section:

- a red triangle will appear next to the site name, when you click on it there will be a [Send domain to hosting] button (only for domains registered through us):

* Updating the DNS can take from 1 to 72 hours

2. In the DNS management section of your domain, click the [Send to hosting] button:

3. If the domain was registered with another company , then first you need to add our NS servers to your registrar -, wait from 1 to 72 hours for the data to be updated, then add your domain to the DNS menu for management resource records.

4. To forward the domain to our hosting records, without using our NS servers , you it is enough to add address records to the IP address where your account is located:

 Піддомен(subdomain) - @ Тип (type) - A Дані (value) - HOSTING_SERVER_IP_ADDRESS Піддомен (subdomain) - www Тип (type) - A Дані (value) - HOSTING_SERVER_IP_ADDRESS Піддомен (subdomain) - * Тип (type) - A Дані (value) - HOSTING_SERVER_IP_ADDRESS

, where HOSTING_SERVER_IP_ADDRESS is the ip address of your hosting server, you can find out which one in the section
[Control Panel -- Hosting2.0 -- Management -- Hosting Server]:

— we recommend using our NS servers for ease of domain management;
— for the correct operation of the domain, delete the DNS AAAA (IPv6) settings, which are used to send domains/subdomains to us;