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Verification of international domain names

If you are the owner of an international domain name, for example, in the domain zone .com, .org, .info, .net, etc., and you received a suspicious e-mail in which you are asked to click on some link and verify your data as the owner of the domain - do not be alarmed, all ok, this is standard practice in international domain zones.

The reason for receiving such an e-mail is ICANN, the international Internet regulator of domain names, which sets the rules for the functioning of domain names and controls the availability of everything related to domain names around the world. Additional verification of all international domain names has been introduced by ICANN rules since January 2014, details can be read on the official ICANN website [link]

Additional verification is currently required in three cases:

1. direct registration of a new domain;
2. domain transfer to a new registrar
3. in the case of changing the contact data of the domain owner specified in whois, such as when transferring the domain to another user.

Fortunately, verification is quite simple and does not require any complicated actions - just click on the appropriate link in the received letter and make sure that the text about successful verification is displayed on the page.

Usually, such emails are sent from the domain and the verification link leads to the same site. The body of the letter, like the site, is displayed in English with mentions of ICANN, Cityhost and your domain owner data.

Pay attention! In case of non-compliance with ICANN's requirements regarding the verification of contact data of the domain, it will be blocked, the site will cease to be displayed, and all activities with the domain will be blocked until the moment of verification.

The fact that the domain is blocked is indicated by the servers installed on the NS domain, for example -

If you have lost the letter or need to get a new letter for verification, please contact our technical support for help.