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Registration 269.00
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Registration time Instant
Maximum registration period 10 years
Minimum number of characters in name 1

KM.UA is a second-level public domain. Intended for sites focused on the regional center of the city of Khmelnytskyi and the Khmelnytskyi region.

As of 2018, the registration of domain names in Latin and Cyrillic is available, that is, in the KM.UA zone it is allowed to create addresses in English, Russian and Ukrainian languages.

To buy an address in the KM.UA domain zone, it is enough to check the available names and start the registration, which is available to everyone. Also, Ukrainian webmasters are invited to buy the domain KHMELNYTSKYI.UA, which reflects the correct Ukrainian spelling of the name of the city of Khmelnitsky.

Who is KM.UA for?

Initially, the KM.UA domain zone was delegated exclusively to those who expected to see Khmelnytskyi residents and residents of the region as visitors to their Internet resources. Subsequently, the domain zone KM.UA gained popularity among other residents of the country, whose activity extends to several regions of Ukraine.

Domains are in demand by businesses, ordinary people, and administrative structures.

Registering an address in the KM.UA domain zone is attractive due to the following characteristics:

  • Effectiveness of promotion. Search engines know that the KM.UA domain zone is focused on a specific region. And the client who decided to buy an address at KM.UA is counting on search traffic mainly from the specified region.

  • Beautiful and sonorous names. The KM.UA domain zone is relatively free and allows you to get names in Ukrainian, Russian and English. Everyone can choose and buy a suitable name.

  • Ease of registration and purchase. It's easy to buy a name in the KM.UA domain zone. There are no additional checks. The domain at KM.UA is registered for one year. Then you can extend it for another year.

A little from the history of KM.UA

Despite the fact that at first the regional domain zone KM.UA referred purely to the city to which it was actually attached. Quite quickly, among the KM.UA domains, sites aimed at an all-Ukrainian audience began to appear.

Then KM.UA began to provide names in Cyrillic (the so-called IDN support), and the number of presented resources increased many times. Today, KM.UA continues to be a fast-growing segment of the Ukrainian Internet and offers customers to buy domains that are loud and easy to promote.

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Market analysis

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