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Domain registration for 99.00 грн.

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Domain value
Registration 99.00
Renewal 329.00
Transfer 199.00
Recovery 658.00
Registration time Instant
Maximum registration period 10 years
Minimum number of characters in name 1

The domain belongs to third-level regional domains and is formally intended for residents of Kharkiv and Kharkiv region. At the same time, there are no restrictions on the registration of domains. Anyone can buy after making sure there are free names.

Who is for?

The name shows that the domain is primarily intended for Kharkiv residents. However, today the domain is also used for other tasks.

Here you can find resources on a wide variety of topics: business, social movements, history and everything else that is one way or another related to the specified city and region.

Today, registration in the domain segment has the following advantages:

Sound destination. You can buy an address in the domain zone thanks to really beautiful names that are equally well suited for resources of absolutely any topic, both informational and commercial.
Quality traffic. The domain zone is initially intended for the population of the specified city. This also means that search engines give certain bonuses when promoting resources. If the site is in the domain zone, other things being equal, in the Kharkiv edition, it is higher than competitors.
Affordable price. Domain zone gives an opportunity to get an attractive address at a minimal price. The absence of any restrictions on registration only increases the attractiveness of the domain zone.
Additional reasons. The domain zone has many other advantages. You can find out more from our consultants.

A bit of the history of

Although initially the domain zone was intended almost exclusively for the residents of the mentioned city, over time, the investment attractiveness of the domain zone led to an increase in the number of sites and a variety of topics.

Today in this segment you can find information resources, business sites and much more.

To buy a name on the most favorable terms, it is recommended to contact us, the CityHost company. We also offer a wide range of additional services. In particular, you can order hosting, extension of the term of ownership and maintenance of resources from us.

Follow the updates on our website.

Advantages of registering with the Registrar CityHost

CityHost is an official domain name registrar and hosting provider since 2005. All this time we invest our own knowledge and resources in quality and convenience. Registration domain names is automatic and management through a convenient panel developed by us. We monitor the expiration date of domains and notify customers in advance of the need for renewal.

 Advantages of registering with the Registrar CityHost

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It's easy with our domains:

  • Instant registration
  • Setting up HTTP redirects in one click
  • Sms reminder system
  • Hiding personal data
  • Prevent domain transactions
  • Full automation in control
  • SRV, NS, AAArecords
  • User-friendly control panel
  • IDN
  • Domain Registration Certificate
  • Auto-renewal of the service
  • Technical Support
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What to keep in mind when choosing a domain!

Market analysis

Market analysis

Your business begins with choosing a company name. And a website begins with a domain. Choose a site name and domain zone by studying the market in which you will be working.

What to keep in mind when choosing a domain!

Speed and convenience

Choosing a hosting provider, pay attention to the speed and convenience of domain registration, free additional services for creating websites, responsive and competent technical support. The minimum required set of services from the hosting provider includes hosting. If you're lucky - free hosting as a gift when you buy a domain

Website Builder

Website Builder

It will help you create a website on your own, even for a beginner. Top providers have clients who use this constructor for free.

Unique name

Unique name

Use unique and memorable names. When choosing a name, pay attention to the availability of several free and relevant domain zones for your activity. Buy similar domains, it will protect you from the creation of unscrupulous competitors clone sites on your site with similar names.

SSL certificate

SSL certificate

As a rule, the usual version of such a security certificate is provided free of charge when purchasing a domain.

E-mail address

E-mail address

You will want to use an email address with the domain name of your site. Providing such an email address is a free service from a good hosting provider.