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How to find out the owner of the domain


The first thing to do before launching a website is to register a domain and rent hosting. Choosing a domain name that is easy to read, pronounce, and remember is a difficult and long process. And it can often seem that the time spent on selecting several dozens of options for site addresses and brainstorming to choose the best of them is wasted. After all, when trying to buy such a domain, a message appears that it is already registered.

If you are faced with such a situation, do not rush to be upset. There are several ways to find out the owner of the domain, as well as get his contacts. With this information, you can contact him and find out if he wants to sell the website address. The phone number or email address of the host of the domain name will also be needed in a number of other cases. For example, if you want to offer cooperation, but do not find contacts on the site.

We should immediately note that when you are going to buy an abandoned domain, you will probably hear a price that exceeds the cost of a new domain name several times. But when the stake is a beautiful web address that will become an element of the brand, the game is worth the candles.

How to find out the owner of the site yourself

The easiest way to determine the owner of a domain is to use WHOIS , a network protocol that provides access to public databases of IP registrars and domain names. Initially, it was possible to use WHOIS only by entering a query in the command line. Since this is inconvenient for non-technical users, sites have appeared with a clear web interface for obtaining such information. For example,

To determine the owner of a domain using, enter the URL of an online resource in the Enter Domain Name or IP Address field and click the Search button. On the page that opens, you will see the following information about the web address:

  • date of registration (created);

  • registration expiration date (expires);

  • registrant's name (person, person-loc);

  • name of the owner company (organization, organization-loc);

  • e-mail (e-mail);

  • address of the registrant (address, postal-code, country, address-loc, country-loc);

  • phone number, fax number.

A more convenient way to find out the owner of the domain is to use the WHOIS database integrated into the tool that allows you to choose a domain for the site on Just enter the web address you want to order on the page and click the "Check" button. If it's busy, you'll see a message and a Whois link. By clicking on this link, you will receive detailed information about the person or organization that owns the site address that interested you.

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Finally, we note that some domain name registrars offer the service of hiding WHOIS information. This is a big step towards creating a more ethical, private and confidential internet. But at the same time, it is an extra headache for everyone who wants to buy a site address with hidden WHOIS data or check the domain owner for some other reason. In such cases , we recommend searching for the person or company that owns the domain on Facebook . To do this, enter “” in the Google search bar, where is the domain name you are interested in. View the results of the search engine and send a message to the Facebook page in which the address of the site you are interested in is indicated in the information block.

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